2018-06-09 (2)

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  1. This graphic summaries exactly what happened to me on a facebook pafe called tantra not trauma. A post I put on there created the most comments on their page. However many white people struggled with discussing racial trauma and one of the moderators accused me of introducing polarity. When I challenged her veiw of “polarity” by simply stating that maybe white fragility to hearing abour racism and trauma was the problem, I was blocked from that page as the retribution. My partner later looked at the page and the woman who banned me from posting had then out her own post on about white priviledge with as she thought a more “acceptible” way of expressing the issue. I see this as fundamentally how racism works, how talking abour race is punished and in this case the voice of a black person closed down and my voice then appropriated and “white washed “, This is a group of people who think they are “spiritual”, “progressive” and they simply showed me that they had in the majorty never ever considered the impact of race especially on trauma.

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