Race Reflections Logo FINAL

Welcome to Race Reflections!

So what is RaceReflections.co.uk all about?

The site aims to provide an online space and some material to encourage reflections and conversations on various experiences of marginalisation, difference and ‘Otherness’ drawing from social, political and historical perspectives; via various essays. 

Much of its content aims to highlight the impact of social injustice, inequality and their various manifestations on our mental health and psychological worlds.  Oppression and particularly racism, will thus be central themes even though at times, they may only be peripheral to the material presented.

The site is a stand alone venture and is very much a work in progress. RaceReflections.co.uk is not associated with the British Psychological Society or any accrediting/professional body. It is completely independent. The essays and articles published on Race Reflections have been written by the site owner, Guilaine Kinouani.

If you’re interested to write a (response) piece, be interviewed or have some resources to share, please do get in touch using the contact form.


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