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Every year demand floods in at the last minute…This sends a very strong message internally and externally. Every year, requests get turned down. Every year anti-blackness abounds during black history month.

This year is an important year. This year Racial trauma is high. Racial distress, arguably has never been more visible. Race relations are tense. Equality is high on the agenda. This year the ground is fertile to do something different. To do something meaningful for black people and for organisations. Let’s promote engagement, commitment and connection. Let’s think beyond the month of October.


We want to work with you early around your needs, the needs or your staff, of your students or of your organisation. We have designed a package so that your black staff and students are supported beyond the month of October and so that you get the best of what Race Reflections has to offer.

Our package include:

* An agreed talk, workshop or panel appearance

* A Race Reflections booklet (a choice of 3 booklets: Anti-racism in Organisational Settings, Self-care for Black employees or Racial Trauma at work)

*A sponsored memberships package (access to race reflections memberships at heavily subsidised rates for ALL attendees)


For the full package our prices are as follow;

Early bird booking £750, thereafter £1250 for up to 50 attendees

Early bird booking £1000, thereafter £1500 for up to 100 attendees

Early bird booking £1500, thereafter £2000 for up to 150 attendees

For larger and smaller groups, get in touch for a bespoke quote. Early bird booking is available until September 20th 2020.


To make a booking and/or discuss possible topics, please get in touch now via email contact@racereflections.co.uk or use the form below.