The videoed murder of George Floyd together with the COVID-19 pandemic have thrust many of us into the lived reality of people of colour when it comes to the violence of white supremacy. With the struggle for racial justice and racial equality displayed all around us, the imperative for anti-racism is perhaps clearer than ever.

At Race Reflections, we embrace the following definition of anti-racism:

‘Anti-racism is the active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organisational structures, policies and practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably.” (International Perspectives: Women and Global Solidarity).

The evidence base concerning the adverse mental (and physical) health impact of racism is solid.

Further, increasing evidence suggests that anti-black police brutality anywhere in the world, can have far reaching effects and activate trauma and grief responses including intergenerational wounds in black groups. The legacy of colonialism, imperialism and slavery is alive and well. Still, by and large mental health professionals and institutions continue to propagate individualistic/eurocentric ways of working which are antithetical to recognising the centrality of racial trauma,  and white supremacy in the lived experience of people who present to services. The ways ‘we’ may relationally enact racism within assessments, formulations and, interventions as well as within services as macro-structures remain, by and large to be systematically interrogated.

Unsurprisingly charges of institutional racism, of complicity and accusations that mental health services are agents of whiteness and of the status-quo continue to be made. At race Reflections we believe that mental health professionals and services have an important role to play in the struggle for racial healing, justice and, resistance. However to fulfil this potential a firm grounding and commitment to social justice and anti-racism is necessary, this is what the present training course offers.


The course will cover;

*The different forms of racism, including institutional racism


*The fundamentals of racial trauma including intergenerational trauma

*Intersectionality and intersectional violence

*Clinical tools and tips to integrate racism in assessment, formulation and interventions

*Challenges to forging an anti-racist identity as practitioners and as services

*Leadership, social justice and anti-racism

*Anti-racist strategies and methods

*Action planning


This is a full day training course which is interactive, uses various methods and requires participants’ reflective and reflexive engagement (with both head and heart).

As all courses delivered by Race Reflections, our Anti-racism course is challenging. For this reason, our preference is a face to face delivery. Due to COVID-19, we are however not at present delivering face to face training, unless social distancing can be practised within the training venue.


The course is targeted at mental health trusts, psychotherapy/psychology training institutions, mental health and well-being service providers, charities and others with a vested interest in the welfare and mental health of people of colour.


Our standard price for our anti-racism course is £3500* for up to 50 attendees (we do not recommend larger groups).

However, book your your course in AUGUST and get 40% off the standard price. You will save a massive £1400. Our Anti-racism training may be part of an organisational development membership. For more details, click here.

*Price includes delivery and all preparation but excludes travel and expenses. ** Offer valid for the first 15 bookings only. 

Optional follow-up

We recommend, if budget allows, a follow up session to review impact and actions carried out following the main training delivery. This is because in our experience this assists with engagement and commitment. It also allows a forum to share challenges and learning to date. The follow up may be carried out online and, we recommend, in smaller groups. We would be happy to discuss options with you, please get in touch.  The price of the follow up is additional and not included in the current pricing.


We expect that an online version of the course will be available in early 2021 via ACADEMY. Do get in touch if interested.


To arrange an informal conversation about anti-racism and better understand why the programme is essential for all mental health trust, training institutions and charities, please contact us. We are taking bookings this August at the introductory price of £2100.

All those registered will receive a FREE invitation to a WEBINAR on anti-racism and leadership to take place this summer. Get in touch NOW!




Aug 01 - 30 2020


All Day

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