Dr Chisomo Kalinga’s GUEST SPACE TALK

On the poetics and politics of race: Understanding articulations of race, the body and wellbeing

In this lecture, I will explore articulations of race and racism in health as revealed through my extensive fieldwork in Malawi but with reference across continental and diasporic communities. I will explore nuanced ways in which power dynamics and racism, particularly in health in the context of [post/neo]colonialism are articulated by ordinary citizens, with attention to dialectics of the body and metaphors of land and ownership.


Dr Chisomo Kalinga is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh. Her current research project is titled ‘Ulimbaso ‘You will be strong again’: How literary aesthetics and storytelling inform concepts of health and wellbeing in Malawi’, which engages how indigenous literary practices (performance, form and aesthetics) are used to address community health. Her research interests are disease (specifically sexually transmitted infections), illness and wellbeing, biomedicine, traditional healing and witchcraft and their narrative representation in African oral and print literatures. She is currently collaborating with her colleagues across Malawi to launch the Malawi Medical Humanities Network (MMHN), an interdisciplinary network for Malawiana researchers around the world to share events, programmes, projects and exhibitions that explore the link between health and the humanities.

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Aug 12 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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