Natasha Dyer Guest Space Talk: Exploring racism and xenophobia the UK and South Africa

Exploring the everyday effects of racism and xenophobia on black women in the hostile political environments of the UK and South Africa.
This talk will briefly outline the hostile and xenophobic political environments of the UK and South Africa, before going into detail about how this affects black women of migrant backgrounds in particular. This analysis is for a PhD that I am currently writing, examining not only how systemic racism and xenophobia create structural challenges in women’s everyday, contemporary lives, but how they combine with other factors in a postcolonial landscape to affect their health, sense of identity and belonging.
Natasha Dyer-Williams is a research, communications and partnerships consultant in international development and humanitarian work, with over a decade of experience working in the UK, the US, across Africa and Europe. She is studying for a PhD in international development at the University of Edinburgh, exploring how black, migrant women navigate xenophobia and racism in Johannesburg and London, within hostile political immigration environments.
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May 14 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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