Finding Ourselves: Riding the Commute of Power and Oppression

Embodying intersectionality… for a special Guest Space 

We’re doing things differently this month, in lieu of our usual 1hour Guest Space Talk… We are offering a 4-hour reflective training on intersectionality.

In this 4-hour training, Dr. Kolysh will first offer the history and definition of Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality, an academic theory that states one’s race, gender, and class intersect to determine one’s relationship to power and oppression. They will then provide a visual exercise to ‘see’ how intersectionality can be used to understand where we stand in society by relying on their exercise called The Commute of Power and Oppression. Different hierarchies will be examined as train tracks where power (and privilege) would be at the top and oppression (and discrimination) would be at the bottom. Specific train tracks may include ‘Race & Racism’ ‘Gender & Sexism’ ‘Class & Classism’ ‘Sexuality & Heterosexism’ ‘Education & Elitism’ ‘Age & Ageism’ ‘Ability & Ableism’ ‘Citizenship & Nationalism’ ‘Religion & Christian Hegemony’ and others depending on audience interest. For each of the train tracks, we will place groups that hold power at the top and groups that face oppression at the bottom while placing others in the middle and then figure out where each of our own trains reside. At the end of the workshop, participants will learn that they can be both marginalized and in positions of power, depending on the social axis under discussion and how viewing the world through an intersectional lens can fight inequality in society.

Dr. Kolysh is a lesbian agender mother of four and a feminist scholar of race, gender, and sexuality committed to a revolutionary future. Their background in Biology, Public Health, LGBTQ studies, and Sociology aids their interdisciplinary work and scholar-activism. A culmination of the last ten years, Dr. Kolysh’ book, Everyday Violence: The Public Harassment of Women and LGBTQ People, will be published in September 2021 with Rutgers University Press. You can learn more about Dr. Kolysh at In addition to being a subject expert on LGBTQ, gender and gender identity issues and experiences, Dr Kolysh is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and lecturer.

To request as a pace as a MEMBER use the form below. Please note this training offered FREE to RACE REFLECTIONS MEMBERS only.

For non-members may book a place at a fee of £225 by clicking here


Jun 14 2021


3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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