Intergenerational Trauma and Mental Health


‘Mainstream conceptualisations of trauma are highly individualistic and centred on the psychological consequences of exposure to adverse events on single individuals. When we think about trauma at a collective level, we tend to think about the way entire groups of people are harmed by a single event or process or how their collective identity shifts as a result of events they may, not themselves have directly experienced or witnessed’ (Kinouani, 2021).

The ongoing conversation on racial trauma has led many to consider intergenerational trauma. We thus generally speak of intergenerational trauma to capture the impact of atrocities on the offsprings or descendant of survivors. Intergenerational trauma is grossly neglected within psychological and mental health practice in the UK and this poses serious problems when it comes to supporting the mental health needs of people of colour and other marginalised groups.

It is still not exactly clear how wounds are passed on from generation to generation, but various theories exist and the present course will explore the various ways we may incorporate intergenerational thinking in our mental health practice, consider the legacy of mass atrocities as well as what we can do to break cycles of harm.


The course will cover;

*Definitions of intergenerational trauma

*The differences and convergence between intergenerational trauma and historical trauma

*Intergenerational trauma and family functioning

*Intergenerational trauma and health/mental health inequalities

*The ongoing effects of mass atrocities

*Healing intergenerational trauma


The course is suitable for all helping professionals, teachers, medical staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, mental health, social justice AND anti-racism. It is being delivered online only via zoom through presentations, discussions, videos and guided reflections.


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Jul 17 2021


2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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