dr ady adelaine

April Guest Space – Power, Inequality & Knowledge Equity

Dr Addy Adelaine is an international social worker and CEO of the non-profit organisation Ladders4Action. Dr Addy is a methodological expert on inclusive research and accountability. Working in the UK and internationally, her specialist areas of work include – inclusive organisational development; action research; gender, race and youth equality; humanitarian practice; collaborative knowledge creation and ethical social research practices in challenging environments.

In 2020, Dr Adelaine co-authored an open letter to UKRI which challenged inequity in higher education and research. Whilst the open letter was signed by almost 3,000 individuals and arguably led to heightened awareness in the sector it took over a year for UKRI to respond publicly. In her role as CEO, Dr Addy continues to advocate for inclusion, accountability and knowledge equity in a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

In this talk, Dr Adelaine will explain her personal pathway to becoming a researcher, and why she continues to advocate for inclusive research/knowledge creation. Informed by an understanding of complexity, Dr Adelaine will explain how she utilises action research to connect knowledge and action and this process can be used to hold organisations and individuals to account for their expressed commitments to inclusion.

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Apr 20 2022


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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