Dr FOLUKE ADEBISI GUEST SPACE TALK: The imperatives and limitations of intersectionality

Dr Foluke Ifejola  GUESS SPACE TALK The imperatives and limitations of an intersectional framework 

Intersectionality approaches help us to understand that because the experience at the intersection is particular, feminist, anti-racist and anti-colonial measures in isolation have sometimes led to the erasure of particular experiential narratives. In this talk I will be exploring the origins of the concept of intersectionality, starting with the Combahee statement. I will also be reflecting on the way in which intersectionality has been co-opted and misused as well as the limitations to the framework itself.

Dr Foluke Ifejola Adebisi is a Senior Lecturer at the Law School, the University of Bristol whose scholarship focuses on decolonial thought in legal education. In 2017, she co-designed a Law and Race unit, which is one of the very few of its kind within the UK.  In September 2019, she convened the first ‘Decolonisation and the Law’ conference at the University of Bristol. She is emerging as a thought leader on decolonisation in UK Higher Education. Her decolonial scholarship, which is pedagogical as well as jurisprudential, examines what happens at the intersection of legal education, law, society and a history of changing ideas of what it means to be human. Foluke is particularly interested in academic concerns that arise from ensuring equality, inclusion and diversity within teaching practice in law and how these intersect with environmental degradation, massive global inequality and the potential for imagining an egalitarian future for humanity. In recognition of her work, in October 2018, Foluke was included in the Bristol BAME Powerlist 2018 – A list of Bristol’s 100 most inspiring people from BAME backgrounds. She is also the founder of Forever Africa Conference and Events (FACE), a Pan-African interdisciplinary conference hosted in Bristol. She blogs about her scholarship, pedagogy and interrelated ideas on her website ‘Foluke’s African Skies’ at https://FolukeAfrica.com.


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Apr 19 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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