We are a growing team of highly educated and experienced disruptors deeply committed to social justice and to equality not afraid to ‘rock the boat’ to make a difference. This is what makes us leaders and innovators.

Guilaine Kinouani – Guilaine@racereflections.co.uk

Guilaine is Race Reflections’ Head Disruptor!

Guilaine is the director and founder of Race Reflections. She is a psychologist and clinician with over 15 years experience working with issues of equality and justice in the fields of community development, research, management, organisational consultancy, training and psychotherapy. As an educator Guilaine teaches critical psychology and black studies to undergraduates and widely shares a scholarship through various mediums. Guilaine writes all articles, designs training courses, e-learning solutions for Race Reflections and Race Reflections ACADEMY. She also leads on organisational interventions, community engagement and overviews the overall strategic direction of Race Reflections.

Guilaine’s first book Living While Black: The essential guide to overcoming Racial Trauma (Ebury: Penguin Random House) is a powerful exposé of the lived experience of various manifestations of racism and their impact on the mind and body through arresting case studies, eye-opening research and effective and innovative coping techniques.

Living While Black is a MUST READ for anyone seeking access to specialist self-care strategies to navigate white supremacy across contexts, for those with a vested interest in the welfare and wellbeing of black groups or working towards anti-racism and for everyone else doing ‘the work’.

You can pre-order Living While Black here. For PRESS ENQUIRIES please contact Ronke Lawal, Ariatu PR, info@ariatupr.com. Or get in touch with Guilaine directly for work-related queries.

Dave Pickering Dave@racereflections.co.uk

Dave is Race Reflections’ Audio Wizard!

Dave is an award-winning podcaster, writer and storyteller who has been making podcasts in one way or another since 2006. His work has been featured on Radio 4 and Resonance FM, and has been recommended by The Guardian, Time Out and the Financial Times. He’s used his magic for a variety of clients, from BAFTA to Cbeebies Radio, and currently produces podcasts for a range of individuals and social enterprises, as well as making personal (and political) creative projects. Before going freelance, he worked for the library service, first as a library assistant, and later as an Early Years Library Outreach Worker. Dave uses his wizardry to produce and manage our podcast: Race Reflections AT WORK.

Dionne Grant – Dionne@racereflections.co.uk

Dionne is our Admin, Comms and Engagement Leading Boss

Dionne has worked in both the public and private sector, honing her skills as a copywriter, public speaker and communications strategist. Following a move to Barcelona, she decided to build her business, supporting entrepreneurs she respects who run businesses that matter. Dionne’s interests includes sharing knowledge through writing: with articles published in Black Ballad and Solopreneur Life and helping business grow. Dionne features as a regular guest on the Good Business podcast- for new women business owners and entrepreneurs. Having recently completed a Masters of Research; her academic interests and thesis, are grounded in feminism, the experience of motherhood in the 21st century and intersectional differences. At Race Reflections Dionne will lead all admin, communication and engagement activities including, in due course, membership management.

Dr Simone Kolysh – Simone@raceflections.co.uk

Dr Kolysh is one of our Associate Disruptors!

Dr. Kolysh is a lesbian agender mother of four and a feminist scholar of race, gender, and sexuality committed to a revolutionary future. Their background in Biology, Public Health, LGBTQ studies, and Sociology aids their interdisciplinary work and scholar-activism. A culmination of the last ten years, Dr. Kolysh’ book, Everyday Violence: The Public Harassment of Women and LGBTQ People, will be published in September 2021 with Rutgers University Press. You can learn more about Dr. Kolysh at simonekolysh.com. In addition to being a subject expert on LGBTQ, gender and gender identity issues and experiences, Dr Kolysh is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and lecturer.

Navreet Chawla – Navreet@racereflections.co.uk

Navreet is Race Reflections’ Yoga Virtuoso

Navreet has over twenty-five years of experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher. Her unique style of Yoga Nidra is a blend of storytelling, neuroscience, neurobiology and eco-spirituality. Navreet’s Yoga Nidra practices are body-centred and trauma-informed. She is passionate about offering Yoga Nidra as support for racial trauma. As a former pharmacist, she worked at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and has over twenty years of experience specialising in Integrative Medicine, wellness and healing through the mind-body connection. Navreet is a storyteller and performer. Her stories have featured on BBC Radio 4, the Peabody Award-winning, The Moth Radio Hour and The Moth podcast and appear in various anthologies.

Lucia Sarmiento – Lucia@racereflections.co.uk
Lucia is one of our Assistant Disruptor!

Lucia is a humanistic therapist running a small private practice in Oxfordshire and online. Born and raised in Peru, she has lived and worked in France, the US, and the UK. She is interested in exploring coloniality and eurocentrism in psychological and social thought, and how they reinforce racial inequalities, as well as developing intercultural, multilingual therapy. Lucia hopes to do research on the psychosocial effects of mestizaje (racial mixing) in Latin America through a decolonial lens. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, gaming, and trying to follow a weightlifting routine.”

Hayan Raphael – Hayan@racereflections.co.uk

Hayan is Trainee Disruptor

Hayan is the baby of Race Reflections keen to get involved in every aspects of the business. Hayan is an aspiring business psychologist who brings a solid understanding of business trends, a love for social media and a desire to help us grow and develop. Hayan mainly assists with the admin side of things and supports all team members when required. When not working, you can find him browsing business news, producing music and watching birds. 

Charlotte Maxwell – Charlotte@racereflections.co.uk

Charlotte is our other Assistant Disruptor!

Charlotte is an aspiring clinical psychologist. She previously trained as a speech and language therapist and has extensive experience of working in mainstream and special needs education. Charlotte is an intersectional feminist, disability advocate and arts activist. She is currently completing an MEd Psychology conversion and works as a researcher exploring ethnic inequalities in mental health. In her spare time, Charlotte can be found painting, embroidering and attempting to enjoy yoga. At Race Reflections, Charlotte will be assisting in the development of several projects including the “Still I Rise” programme.

Dr Furaha Asani Furaha@racereflections.co.uk

Furaha is our Lead Associate Disruptor!

Dr Furaha Asani is an immunologist/biochemist, writer, mental health advocate, teacher, and trainer on equality issues within higher education & STEM. She’s currently working as a project officer on a UKRI funded community engagement project, as well as giving (and facilitating) webinars on so many timely topics for so many wonderful groups (including anti-blackness & mental health for the University of Cambridge and decolonising global health studies and reporting). Her personal story made the news last year, bringing to light the fact that the Home Office erroneously wanted to deport her to a country she’s never been to (something she’s currently fighting). As one of our Senior Associates, Furaha will be leading workshops, training and community interventions for us.


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