Race Reflections’ anti-racism reflective booklet is here!

‘We have a tendency to separate structures from individuals in ways that can be deeply unhelpful and arbitrary. At Race Reflections we see them as co-constitutive and inseparable. In fact, we would go as far as arguing that they form part of the same unit or relational field. What does that mean for us here, today? Fundamentally it means that any attempt to combat racism MUST focus on both individuals and on structures. But it also means that in the same way that shifting structures necessarily shifts psychologies, shifting the psychology of individuals will inevitably have an impact on structures’ (Kinouani, 2020)

The most effective anti-racist action tackles both the psychological and the structural.

It encourages engagement with both head and heart.

This booklet is a tool to support those starting their anti-racism journey.

We believe it may also be helpful to more seasoned anti-racist activists, thinkers and practitioners. The primary aim of Race Reflections’ anti-racism booklet is to help you to explore anti-racism from a positioned and embodied perspective through 10 simple activities and various questions.

It will provide you with a reflective space as well as practise opportunities to start to develop the kind of anti-racist practice that is self-reflective, embodied, affective as well as cognitive and give you the resources you need to increase your self-awareness and racial literacy.

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