Consultancy and independent work

Please note, my current capacity to undertake independent work is still limitedNevertheless, I will consider all relevant equality, inclusion and diversity related requests thus, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss potential input, such as:

  • Media, conference and community event contributions 
  • Training projects
  • Community development 
  • Community research
  • Workshop and group facilitation
  • Publication/content creation
  • Equality screenings/assessments 

Private therapy 

I have limited capacity to take on a few clients for private therapeutic work* in the Milton Keynes area. I am also able to work with clients via Skype, where appropriate. 

I work integratively. This means I make use of different psychotherapy ideas and models based on what best suits the client and, I aim to integrate all aspects of a person’s functioning and experience in my therapeutic work.

I have received training in person centred/humanistic, existential and relational therapy. I have also been trained to practice cognitive behavioural therapy, and to use psychodynamic and psychoanalytic ideas as well as compassion based models.

Though I am able to practice/draw from, various schools of therapy when this may be helpful, my practice is unashamedly feminist. Thus, as a women-centred therapist, I pay particular attention to issues of oppression their political, social, economic and historical contexts and their impact upon our lives and psychological functioning. I am particularity interested in recognising and in fostering clients’strengths as well as, in supporting emancipatory efforts. 

At present my private practice is centred on supporting women and, on the following areas: 

  • Racism, sexism & intersectional violence
  • Identity and relationship with oneself
  • Discrimination, marginalisation and experiences of being ‘Othered’
  • Womanhood related transitions
  • Shame, isolation and alienation
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self-care and self-nurture  
  • Self-determination and liberation  

If you feel you could benefit from seing me privately, please get in touch using the contact form so we can arrange an informal chat and where appropriate, an initial assessment. 

Should I not be able to help, I may refer you to colleagues and/or signpost you to other resources. 


If you would like to join the waiting list and are able to wait, please get in touch. Alternatively, do regularly check this page for updates. I do not anticipate my capacity to change before winter 2018 at the earliest.


I practice in French and in English.


I do not have fixed therapy fees. My hourly fees vary between £30 to £75 depending on the type of support you require and your circumstances. 

For consultation fees please get in touch. 

Pro-bono work

Occasionally, I am able to take on some work on a purely voluntary basis if I feel it may be of benefit to a particularly disadvantaged/vulnerable group and, there is no capacity to provide any payment. Please contact me to see if I can help.

Contacting me 

If you are simply looking to pool ideas, network or would like to discuss potential projects, I would similarly be happy to arrange an informal telephone chat or consultation. Please use the contact form.

*  I am at present, not accredited. I aim to join the BACP and/or the UKCP in the forseeable future. Nonetheless, please note, accreditation is not compulsory for those who practice as therapists, and as ethically required, my therapeutic work is carried out under supervision and with the relevant insurance arrangements. Please see my biography for more information on my professional profile/experience and, if you would like further details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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