Academy hosts all Race Reflections’ online courses, e-learning and development solutions. We are creating a range of stimulating and impactful online training and…have launched our ground-breaking course on racial trauma (to enrol, click here) together with our NEW BITE SIZE courses: high impact, topical and practical introductions to inequality, injustice and oppression related subjects, which should take no longer than 2 hours to complete.

Our e-courses integrate academic insights from psychology, psychoanalysis, group analysis and sociology. Where relevant we draw from neuroscience and neuropsychology. We keep empirical findings in mind at all times but engage with them critically as we centre lived experiences. We leave you with practical steps you can take. We only focus on high impact topics, those we KNOW are going to make the most difference to you when tackling inequality, injustice and oppression.

Again, we have no interest in repeating what you have heard before. We offer fresh perspectives on inequality, injustice and oppression which will take you out of your comfort zone. This is where growth and change happen so, this is where we will take you. However as much as we challenge, we support. And so all our courses are practical and answer the question; what can we do? And support each attendee to reflect deeply and to commit to an action plan.

To get a sense of our offerings see below.

Still I Rise, Self-care in the face of racism

Navigating whiteness in Academia

Please find below a sample of our courses. They will be launching in the next few weeks so watch this space…To find out more about other courses, click here.

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To find out more about ACADEMY, the other courses we are launching and/or to discuss how our e-learning and development solutions can support your organisation’s development when it comes to inequality, injustice and oppression, please get in touch ( or use the form below.