The present sets out Race Reflections’ terms and conditions for our members.

Access to memberships 

Whilst we aspire to grow year on year as a social enterprise, the safety of our community is paramount.

Access to our community and the use of our resources and material it at our discretion.

Race Reflections reserves the right to lawfully refuse any application for membership without explanation and to decide when to open doors for public or private enrolment.

Sharing or transferring memberships

The material members accessed through membership which includes but is not limited to; courses, webinars, powerpoint presentations etc… is for members’ personal use only. Under no circumstance may individual members’ login details and, the contents of our website accessed through membership, be transferred or shared with any third party, unless permission is obtained in writing from us.

Payment for memberships

We understand that your membership is an investment in your personal and professional development. We want to continue to strive to be accessible to those who need us most.

Memberships have been set up to be affordable to be public and, may be paid for monthly, yearly and in any other agreed payment plan.

As a start-up, membership payments sustain us. They provide the foundation for our activities. If you are struggling to pay, please get in touch as delays have significant implications for us. Failure to honour monthly membership payments or to renew yearly payments or abide by any other agreed terms, will normally result in an immediate membership suspension unless alternative payment arrangements are agreed with us.

Promotional offers 

Promotional offers are not cumulative and only one offer or other discount per member or prospective member may be used.

Race Reflections reserves the right to cancel any special offer without notice.


We take the identity of our members seriously. Members agree to protect the identity of fellow members.

Whilst we do expect and even encourage members to share their experience of Race Reflections as well as the themes and issues which may come to light during our workshops, training sessions, seminars and community events, access to Race Reflections is subject to members agreeing never to share any identifiable information about our members.

Intellectual property 

All posts and articles published on Race Reflections are published with all rights reserved and subject to © copyright (2014-2020 Race Reflections). 

All material created by Race Reflections including (but not limited to) newsletters, articles, PowerPoint slides, handouts and e-courses are the property of Race Reflections.

Please DO NOT share, distribute, copy, reproduce, translate or otherwise publish elsewhere, any of the articles and any Race Reflections material without express written permission from Race Reflections.

To find out more about our position on intellectual property, please read our copyright statement, here. 

Members obligations 

A failure to comply with the above may result in membership and access to Race Reflections being revoked.

Membership cancellation

If you are thinking of cancelling do get in touch before taking any action, we would love to help, if we can.

We want to retain you as a member for as long as possible although we understand, we may not always be able to.

Founding members (members who joined during the month we launched in May 2020) are free to cancel their membership at any point.

We reserve the right to request one month notice of cancellation for non-founding members who are paying full price for their membership AND who have not accessed any of our courses, training or webinars.

Discounted memberships and cancellation after accessing Race Reflections courses, training and webinars

Those who pay monthly or those have joined us on a discounted membership AND have accessed one of our courses, training and/or seminar AND who joined us from SEPTEMBER 2020 onwards, are expected to commit for a minimum of 6 months (or other specifically agreed membership period).

Failing this we reserve the right to request payment for each course accessed at standard/non-members price.

Cancellation method

You can cancel your membership at the source directly, upon giving us the relevant notice.

If you require us to cancel your membership, we will normally do this within a month, although usually much sooner, dependent on your membership type and use (see above).

Please note that memberships are subject to increase in cost over time. Should you cancel your membership, then wish to join again as a member, your membership will be subject to the price in effect at the point of you re-joining.

July 2020 – amended September 2020

Review date July 2021.