What is Race Reflections all about?

Race Reflections is first and foremost a growing community of thinkers, practitioners and organisers seeking to rethink inequality, injustice and oppression, their impact on our psychological worlds and on the world around us. It is also a bank of deeply challenging articles, think pieces and resources. Race Reflections started as a blogging platform where Guilaine Kinouani, Race Reflections’ founder shared her scholarship, work and reflections drawing from psychological, analytic, sociological and philosophical ideas.

After 6 years of success creating disruptive and engaging contents, Race Reflections launched as a closed membership site on Saturday 9th May 2020. We now offers a range of members-only support and material which include access to restricted contents, capacity building, group discussions and consultation. For more information click here.

How did the launch go?


The target was to build a community of 100 members before Race Reflections as a membership site, reached her first year. Once more Race Reflections has been supported well beyond what we hoped for and…we can announce that Race Reflections has reached well over 100 members in just under a week, most members joined during the anniversary/ week-end launch. We are thus ready to close our doors and conclude the first enrolment period.

Why are you closing doors so soon?

At the present time, a ‘closed door’ strategy is right for us. This is because we want to focus on nurturing our small but growing community and continue to deliver high quality contents and learning and development activities. One thing we like to say is we are building a community not an empire! This summarises our ethos and ambition.

Does that mean I cannot become a member?

Joining Race Reflections is only available twice a year. Our first enrolment period is now over, save occasional members/subscribers-only special introduction/referral offers, no one will be able to join as a member until we are open for enrolment again.

How will I know you’re taking on new members?

If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for the second enrolment period please join the newsletter (ask us contact@racereflections.co.uk) you’re then sure not to miss it! You’ll also be kept in the loop about courses and seminars available to the public. Enrolment periods will also be promoted on social media.

How can I continue to access Race Reflections’ contents ?

Only members will now be able to access Race Reflections’ archives, training and consultations. Some training/seminars will be available on a one-off purchase basis to non-members. These will not provide you with a membership or access to Race Reflections’ archives and new articles which are member-only restricted contents.

On occasions some articles will be made open access and shared publicly. Course summaries will be freely available.

I don’t want to be member but would like therapy, what do I do?

Please feel free to get in touch and subject to capacity, we may be able to help. Be aware nonetheless that members’ needs and current clients will at all times be prioritised. There currently is a waiting list.

How about training?

Our training capacity is extremely stretched, your best bet is to contact us with your requirements, if we can help, we will.

When will I be able to join again?

Watch out for the next enrolment period. If you join the newsletter, you will be the first to know.

What does the future hold for Race Reflections?

The ultimate aim for Race Reflections is to become a nurturing community of committed critical and engaged status-quo disturbing equality, justice & inclusion organisers, thinkers and practitioners. But we want to build Race Reflections sustainably and in stages. The expertise from Race Reflections and the accessibility of its membership offerings are unmatched. We are flexible and adaptable. With our members’ support and their feedback, we are certain that we will continue to build something really special.

Is there anything else?

Aside from saying thank you once more and particularly to members, we don’t think so. But, feel free to get in touch if you have any query or want to join the newsletter.

Thanks again

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