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DISRUPTIVE articles and think pieces. It is Race Reflections’ contents that propelled her to thought leadership when it comes to understanding and addressing inequality, injustice and oppression.

There are over 90 articles on Race Reflections all written by Guilaine Kinouani. Each month, she adds a new piece to the collection. These articles are in the main, restricted to our members.

SUPPORTIVE memberships. We offer a range of members-only support which includes access to restricted contents, capacity building, workshops and consultations for individuals and, cost-effective developmental support for organisations.

CUTTING EDGE e-learning and development. We launched our own online platform: ACADEMY which turns Race Reflections challenging and disruptive content into practical, actionable and engaging e-courses, for more information click here.

IMPACTFUL learning and development. Outside of our membership agreements and with over 15 years of experience, we continue to offer expert training and consultation to organisations that are aligned with our vision and committed to tackling inequality, injustice and oppression.





I feel comfortable and at home, particularly so with Guilaine Kinouani and Race Reflections. This work is fundamental to my being, and specifically in relation to my African (and diaspora) friends and loved ones and the kind of expanded world I wish for them and us
As a mental health social worker by background, being a member of RR allows me to continue to learn and grow in terms of my knowledge
I joined Race Reflections so that my understanding of white supremacy could be stretched so that I’m able to think about where these issues will take us tomorrow
I joined RR out of scholarly interest in Guilaine’s groundbreaking work. My membership quickly developed into a journey of deeper experiential understanding, learning and commitment around issues of racial injustice/trauma and the impact of whiteness on non-white lives



What is Race Reflections all about?

We are D&I disruptors.

We are a growing community of thinkers, practitioners and organisers seeking to rethink inequality, injustice and oppression, and their impact on our psychological worlds and on the world around us. Race Reflections is also a bank of deeply challenging articles and disruptive learning and development/consultancy. Race Reflections started as a blogging platform where Guilaine Kinouani, Race Reflections’ founder and director shared her scholarship, work and reflections drawing from psychological, analytic, sociological and philosophical ideas. After 6 years of success creating freely accessible disruptive and engaging content, Race Reflections launched as a closed membership site on Saturday 9th May 2020, taking disruption to a new level.

As a social enterprise, we are keen to support the growth and learning of those committed to tackling inequality, injustice and oppression and, those affected by the same. We run FREE community events and workshops every year. Every month we make several articles freely accessible and support many seeking to access our material outside of our membership structures. Whenever we can and as much as we can, we want to ensure many in financial hardship, particularly those affected by injustice, inequality and oppression, can access our courses if they feel they will benefit from them.

We are D&I disruptors because we believe that much D&I provision entrenches or reproduces structural inequality, fosters dissociation rather than connection and fails to engage with the lived experience of inequality, injustice and oppression. We exist to challenge much taken for granted  D&I ‘wisdom’ and to help you rethink and reduce inequality, injustice and oppression interpersonally, structurally and often too, internally.

This is what we do. And we are experts at what we do. For even more information about us click here.

Every month we publish a newsletter with our latest news, offers, reflections and tips on ‘doing the work’ of equality, justice and liberation. It goes out to all our members and subscribers as well as those who have shown interest in our work. You can join our list by using the form below.


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  1. Thank you creating this space- we need to move forward with considered thinking and armed with lessons from the past.

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