The below sets outs out Race Reflections’ Copyright Statement and expectations in relation to intellectual property.

Our education and social justice mission 

As a social enterprise, Race Reflections is keen to support the growth and learning of those interested in tackling inequality, injustice and oppression and, those affected by the same. For this reason, we run free community events and workshops every year. Every month we make several articles freely accessible and support many seeking to access our material outside of our membership structures.

We want however to make clear that this generosity does not mean that we renounce our intellectual property rights.

The work of marginalised scholars, particularly black women scholars has a long history of being appropriated, claimed and devalued. We stand strongly against such abuses of power. The statement below aims to make our position on intellectual property clear.

Copyright statement

All material created by Race reflections including (but not limited to) newsletters, articles, PowerPoint slides, handouts and e-courses are the property of Race Reflections and are published with all rights reserved and subject to © copyright (2014-2021 Race Reflections).

*Please DO NOT distribute, copy, reproduce, translate or otherwise publish elsewhere, any of the material here or on Academy without express written permission from Race Reflections.

*Readers may promote or repost Race Reflections’ posts on their websites or blogs without authorisation provided the following guidelines are observed:

*Do not use more than 15% of the original post/article to promote it. Do please use a word-counter to determine how many words equal 15% so as to abide to this limit.

* Provide a link back to the remainder of the post on Race Reflections.

*Do not under any circumstances alter the excerpt of the post/article in any way.

*If you are interested in translating any of the articles on this site, please seek permission.


If you are at all in any doubt about where you stand in relation to our copyrights please get in touch.

** Using standard academic citation systems need no permission.