This procedure sets out the steps we will take when we receive a complaint from our members, users of the service, an organisation or member of the public. It does not address complaints made by staff or volunteers (dealt with through grievance and disciplinary procedures) nor job applicants (recruitment procedure). 

This procedure exists to ensure that Race Reflections is accountable to her members and continuously learns and grows from users and members’ feedback and experience.

Therefore, Race Reflections undertakes to investigate all complaints, if a complaint is upheld, redress will be made and, we will explore ways we may improve our services.

Making a complaint  

When a member wishes to complain about Race Reflections the following procedure will be adopted. 

Before any formal complaint, complainants will be invited to discuss their concerns with the Director, Guilaine Kinouani or another senior member of the Team.

Following this discussion, should a formal complaint wish to be made, the Complainant will receive a copy of this document. All formal complaints are to be made in writing and sent to and clearly marked “Complaint” together with all accompanying supporting evidence and documentation.

What you can expect

Following the receipt of a complaint, we will:

*Acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days and begin the relevant investigation. 

*Complete the investigation as soon as possible.

*Make all reasonable attempts to resolve the complaint as soon as practicable after the complaint is made.

*Communicate the outcome to you, normally in writing, except for informal complaints, the level of redress will be detailed where appropriate.

*Be available to explain the outcome verbally should a complainant wish, this discussion will normally take place with the Director.

* Normally respond to a formal complaint within 14 working days of it being received. 


If the Director finds that the complaint is upheld redress will be offered to the complainant. In deciding the level of redress the Director will make their decision based on the facts of each case and the loss or inconvenience incurred by the complainant. 

Options include : 

*An apology, written or verbal.

*An undertaking and subsequent report on improving or developing policies/procedure where these appear to be at fault/absent. 

*Agreement to undertake specific work on behalf of a user. 

Recording and Monitoring Complaints 

All complaints will be recorded and securely kept in line with our privacy policy. The Director will make a report once a year summarising the nature of complaints received and how they were resolved and reassess any potential risks.


Dated July 2020

Review date July 2021