Colonial Legacies: Healing from White Supremacy and Capitalism at the Intersection of Disability, Class and Culture.

This guest space talk will weave together theory, lived experience and reflections on the ongoing impacts of colonialism on disabled and marginalised bodies existing within white supremacist culture. It will draw connections between the disabling effects of grind culture as an extension of colonialism and how to begin to liberate our selves through the practice of collective care and anti-capitalism

Sage M Stephanou (they/them) is the founder and director of Radical Therapist Network, an art therapist, community organiser, holder of spaces and educator with a specialism in Anti-Oppressive Therapeutic Praxis.
Their work is influenced by their lived experience as a ‘white-passing’ person of Cypriot and Irish descent and holds a special interest in exploring the liminality of belonging and its connection to a history of colonization as a trans, mixed-heritage, disabled, queer, and working/underclass person. Their work is centred around collective care and liberation, power & oppression, disability, social and racial justice, anti-oppression, anti-capitalism and anti-racism.
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Nov 19 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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